Do You Own An Old Abandoned Building With Real Fireplaces? Restore The Building And The Fireplaces

Posted on: 5 October 2017

If you have purchased an old commercial building with fire places that you want to use as real wood burning features, there are some things that you have to take into consideration. You want to be sure that the building is safe and that the fireplaces can work properly before using the fireplaces and hoping to have them as a source of heat or even decoration in the space. Here are some of the things to do to have the fireplace restored.

Find Smoke Control Systems Experts

You need to find a smoke control system expert to come to the property so they can see how to best get smoke from the fire out of the building and to make sure there aren't any smoke concerns. They will test the fireplace and make sure that there aren't any hazardous issues that will allow smoke inhalation in the building, and they can reroute the smoke with a new layout design for the property. These are the experts that you want to call right away.

Safety Consultants

Talk with safety consultants in the area to see what they think about the risks of having a real wood burning fireplace in your facility and what regulations you have to follow to legally have the fireplace burning. There may be regulations for fire extinguishers, overhead sprinklers, and more.

Fireplace Restoration Professionals

You want to have the fireplaces restored so they look great and so they function safely. You'll want to find a chimney repair expert, who may also be some type of mason, to help restore the fireplace. You can change the face of the fireplace by adding stone or brick, or by doing tile around the area. Talk with the restoration professional to see what they suggest for the size of your building, the number of fireplaces, and what will be the most cost efficient.

If you would love to be able to use the old fireplaces in a building so that you have heat and lighting in the space, and to add to the aesthetics, you want to make sure that this will be a safe option. Talk with all of the right professionals, such as those at Zari Consulting Group, so you can get more information about what changes need to be made to the property, what the cost will be, and how long the project will take to make sure that the fireplaces are safe in your property.